Niloo Badri

Surrendering by colorful fabrics and threads in my childhood’s memories of my mom’s embroidery studio was my beginning to become a crafter. I got a BA in studio art to learn art fundamentals and practice to be a creator and establish an art studio. During my study and research, I found an ancient traditional tile design technique called 7 colors which have seen in decorations of all religious places and palaces over the hundreds of times in Iran and they included mesmerizing miniature paintings which are still one of a kind. so, I decided to recreate them in an innovative way.
I stablished a home-based ceramic studio producing decorative tiles and ceramics working with art shops, interior designers and architects over 12 years. After I moved to US it took couple of years for me to figure my artistic voice out and getting myself into the new materials and completely different lifestyle, so I started to accomplish a Ceramic Art associate in our Art Community Collegium ambitious to work with Art shops or galleries and collectors or designers to introduce myself as a multidisciplinary artist.
As a crafter, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and authenticity of the natural world. I am fascinated by the way in which clay and patterns can be molded and shaped to create unique and intricate designs that capture the essence of nature’s delicate balance.